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Lyrics Thank You

Thank You For Nothing

Yohanna Troell

I remember when I was a little girl.
So small but yet too big for your world.
Too big to fit into your mould
Too naïve for you to control.

Is it an excuse that you were immature
And followed the group 'cause you where insecure?
You only saw the things you wanted to see
And didn't wait too long before you judged me.

Before you call me ugly, show me what beauty is
Before you call me odd, show me average
Before you call me mad, show me sane
Before you call me bad, feel my pain.

Thank you for nothing, from the bottom of my heart,
I thank you for nothing and for tearing it apart!
Thank you for nothing, for teaching me the hard way,
Thank you for nothing, that's all I can say.

Like a school a fish you followed the stream,
Afraid of me because I followed my dream.
Afraid of me because you thought I was strange,
Afraid of me because I would not change.

To you it was just another game,
Chasing me, calling me names.
To me it was war, a war that I won,
'Cause what doesn't kill you makes you strong.

I want you to know that I forgive it all,
'Cause I learned to how to fly when you forced me to fall.
By beating me down you gave me strength to rise,
By killing me you taught me how to survive.

So I want you to know. There is no blame.
If I were you, I may have done the same.
So forgive yourself incase you have regrets
I know that everything turned out for the best!

Thank you for nothing, you taught me so much!
Though the prize was high and the lessons were rough.
Thank you for nothing 'cause the nothing than you gave,
Turned into everything I have today.

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